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    Jiangyin Metal Materials Market is a large-scale iron and steel comprehensive professional market, integrating steel trading, warehousing, distribution, metal processing and business services into one and is also a key market cultivated by Wuxi City and a key logistics enterprise in Jiangsu Province. The market covers 238 Mu with business shop up to 12000 m2 , the building area of iron & steel trading center up to 58,000 m2 and the business offices up to 28,000 m2 . Nowadays, more than 4000 enterprises have settled in. Its annual revenue comes up to 5,000,000 tons with the throughput of warehouses up to 4,000,000 Tons and the annual flattening capacity reaching 180,000 Tons.

    The market upholds the business philosophy of “win-win corporation and you win first” and takes the responsibility of “developing self to be excellent and strong enough to pay back to the society”. The aim of the market is to develop it to become the super magnetic field of iron and steel trade in Yangtze River Delta. Relied on the unique geographic location and continuously improved service, many first class agencies of sales companies such as Baoshan Iron & Steel, Shoudu Iron & Steel, Nanjing Steel, Xinyu Steel, Jinan Steel, Ping Steel, Anshan Steel, Ma’anshan Steel, Zhaoshun, Changda and Fuda are attracted to our market. Year 2004 is really a good beginning because the annual revenue extends over 10 billion. After that the achievements of the market keeps raising and till Year 2006 and 2007, the annual revenue reaches 15 billion and 18 billion respectively. Even in Year 2008 and 2009, facing the severe economic crisis and the influence of sharply reduced steel price, the sales revenue both are over 20 billion , and up to 25.8 billion. Along with decade of the operation of market, we have made the achievement of an average increase of 40% of invoiced revenue. The market has won the prize of “Top 10 Metal Material Trading Market”, “Top 500 of Chinese Service Enterprises”, “China Demonstrated Enterprise of Honesty”, and “Well-regulated Market in Jiangsu”. For 5 years, the market continues to hold the position of Top 10 all over China.

    If settled in Jiangyin Metal Material Market, you will enjoy six assorted services and support.

    I. Large-scale warehouse of storage and logistics

    100,000 square meters outside and inside warehouse can store 800,000 Tons of iron and steel. The market owns 18 sets of 10 tons to 32 tons bridge cranes and 5 forklifts. The turn volume of warehouses reaches 8,000,000 tons. The operation philosophy of storage service is “leave the difficulties 100% to ourselves while offer 100% convenience to customer” and warehouse work never stops whether in day or at night. The market is famous for its quick and convenient distribution and careful, considerate delivery, which attracts many steel manufacturing and trading company to settle down in the market. Then the market become the fixed warehouse of Baoshan Iron & Steel trading net, fixed warehouse of medium plate of Xinyu Iron & Steel, a warehouse where to complete the large scope electrical futures of Iron and Steel

    II. Elaborate process service

    There are two sets of hot rolling flattening machines and three sets of cold rolling flattening equipment, able to shear 2-20mm, cut 3-14mm vertically, and cut edges for 3-16mm. It can flatten the fixed lenghth and width, with annual flattening and processing capacity comes to 300,000 Tons.The cold-rolling flattening equipment can process stainless steel coil, galvanized coil and color coated coil, etc. With sizing tolerance less than 0.5mm, processed width less than 1,300 mm and diagonal error controlled within 0.5mm, its annual process capability reaches 200,000 Tons.

    III. E-business of spot goods

    Huagang Spot Goods Network the market invested has the function of search and trade, which breaks the tradition and has the strong function of the search of stock, remote billing and real-time lock. Without travel, customers can accomplish the whole transaction process such as inquiry of goods, negotiation, payment, delivery and settlement.

    IV. Free-charge considerate service

    We offer the customers settled in market with all-dimensional services such as administrative registration, annual check, tax billing, tax reimbursement, transportation, billing, enabling customers “free from worry, reassurance and happy”.

    V. Support of large-amount financing

    The market has establish the strategic alliance with banks such as Agricultural Bank, Bank of Communication, Industrial Bank of China, Bank of China, Pudong Development Bank, China Everbright Bank, Industrial Bank, Jiangsu Bank, Bank of Nanjing, and those banks may offer financing services as three parties loan,pledge by warehouse receipts, real estate mortgage. The loan can be up to ¥2 billion. The above-mentioned financial support of large amount makes the settled customers feel no worry about money.

    VI. Respective negotiation for respective situation

    With the integration of resource advantages, network advantages and brand advantages, the market guarantee the resource, trade and cash for customers based in the market. The customers based in the market can enjoy the related privilege of policies and for those grant customers, the privilege can be negotiated separately.

    At present, the reconstruction and extension project which will extend the Jiangyin Metal Materials Market into business and logistics center of iron and steel has started from Year 2008. After the project is finished, the trading center, trading mansion of steel, building of business and trade can invite more than 500 customers. And the new metal market will try to accomplish the objective of the invoiced revenue of 50 billion, and tax of 0.5 billion, which will make the market list in the Top 5 all over china in three years. At that time the new metal material market will become the new highlight of logistics of iron and steel in East China.

    Since establishment, relying on the principle of “top brand of honesty, excellent idea of service”, the market accumulates a lot of public praise. We know that behind the honor is the heavy duty, which is the 100% commitment we made to our customers and 100% performance of our commitment. Please believe that we will work hard to achieve greater honor—satisfaction of all.

    Sincerely welcomes the clients from home and abroad to make common development in joint efforts!

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